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Building with IBC totes

The 5 day class did a great job putting all the training to practice! They built a new system using IBC totes. The system holds 20 fish and serves 6 grow beds. The system was fully functional in 3 days!

IBC totes are inexpensive

We have found that IBC totes are available in many parts of the world and are fairly inexpensive. Our average system we built in developing nations cost $1500 including pump and solar.

IBC systems are low maintenance

The average IBC system consists of 7 totes. We use two 55 gallon water barrels for settling and biofilter. In some cases there are no settling nor biofilters, the rock in the beds are the biofilter.

2 totes for fish

1 tote for sump return

4 totes cut in half make 8 grow beds.

We use rock as grow media in all our IBC systems. Most use river rock but some have lava rock or granite rock.

Global resources

We currently have IBC systems in Honduras, Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. These systems are providing healthy food to orphans. In most locations the systems are maintained and operated by 12-15 yr olds.

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