The 5 day Training will include hands-on build of a new system as well as designing a system specific to your individual climate, ecology, dreams, and desires - whether it is for a small personal system or a large scale commercial system. Our intention is to empower you with the right information to get started in this promising new technology of the ancient past.

The new NFLA International University will be launched January 1, 2023. This will be our new STEM based training for those who want to help the poor help themselves around the world. We will be releasing a new training video each month that can be used to build sustainable systems in any location or culture around the world. Courses will be offered on a subscription basis and will include downloadable material including worksheets, material lists, plans, research docs, current trends and pictures of operational systems from different countries. Click the Learn More button to subscribe to the newsletter announcements as we get close to the launch date. 
5 Day Course Details
5 Day Class

Cost $800
This 5 Day Aquaponics Training includes:

  • Detailed exploration and overview of the science of Aquaponics - how it works

  • System designs from all over the world; design, functions, adaptability, uses, variations and improvements.

  • A detailed Aquaponics Course Manual covering all aspects of Aquaponics including:

    • Day-to-day operation of the system

    • Design checklist

    • Field tested formulas, calculations, estimates and guidelines.

    • Complete designs, plans and materials lists.

  • And much more!

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University Course Details
On-Line Class

Cost: Based on Subscription Level

The On-Line Aquaponics University includes:

  • STEM Based Training Modules

  • Science

    • Water quality, plant biology, fish anatomy

  • Technology

    • ​System flow, pumps, solar power, ​​

  • Engineering
    • System designs, plans​
  • ​Math

    • Field tested formulas, calculations, estimates and guidelines.

  • And much more!