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About Aquaponics

Welcome to North Florida Aquaponics!
We are an international training group that specializes in teaching the poor to help themselves here in the USA and in developing nations around the world. We have systems running in Africa, Asia & Central America. We have plans to build several systems in India next year once travel restrictions are lifted. We invite you to visit us here in Jacksonville, Florida at Eden Gardens, the home of Glodev Inc which is the parent organization.
Our Team

Our team is very diverse with many years of experience in gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture. We are always building, changing, growing food and expanding.

Global Projects
image-asset (3).jpeg

When working in developing nations, we usually focus on children's homes and orphanages as they have the least options and the greatest needs. We actually have 12 year old orphans running systems like the one pictured above.


Our model is a little different than most. We are all about teaching people to grow healthy food sustainably using local resources no matter where the project is in the world. We use a variety of methods because the environment and needs are different.

Environment & Sustainability

Since we are all about sustainability and protecting the environment, we strive to be creative and innovative while keeping design methods as simple as possible. We always try to reuse parts and supplies so as to repurpose waste when possible.

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